Complete Installation

We offer in-home consultation/education, service, and installation from start to finish.

  • Delivery – Our team will contact you once we receive your signed contract to begin the process. Your delivery will include your Generac Generator and a concrete pad of your choosing. Options include a poured Concrete pad or a Generac “GenPad” (Pre-Fab)
  • Permits – We will order all State and Local electrical, Gas permits necessary to complete the installation.

  • Installation – Typically, residential generator installations from start to finish are performed in a 1-2 week process by our Electrician(s) and our Generac Certified Installers.

    One of our team members will walk you through your installation process and keep you updated each step of the way.

What to Expect

Our team will work as quickly as possible within our safety guidelines to minimize any inconvenience.

  • No Power – Typically on the second day of the installation, you should plan on having no power to your residence for 4-6 Hours. Most of our installations are completed in 2-3 hours.

  • Post-Installation Walkthrough – Once your generator is installed our team will demonstrate the basic operations of the Generator, simple maintenance tips, and what to look for should a problem arise.

  • Final Wrap-Up – After your walkthrough, we will provide you with your owner’s manual, and warranty information, as well as a review of all information from placing service calls, to adding additional services.

  • Special Accommodations – If you are in need of power for a Computer, Medical Device, or to keep a TV on, we can provide and connect a Portable Generator at no additional cost.

Generator Maintenance

6-Month and 12-month service plans available. Ask about our 24/7 emergency plan!

  • Update Firmware

  • Change Fluids, Filters, and Sparkplugs
  • Start-Up, Full Cycle, and Cool-Down Checks
  • Exterior Cleaning 
  • Battery Check and Free Replacement 

Generator Repair

Generators are powerful and can seem somewhat intimidating whether your generator is making a noisy sound, vibrating, or flashing an indicator light, Tennessee Home Power has you covered.

We’re ready to help 24/7 rain or shine!

High Priority Emergencies

If you are experiencing issues with your generator during an outage or an extended length of time for a power outage with your Utility company for line repairs.

If you have medical equipment with a short-term battery charge or other important items that have a battery backup with short-term charging please inform us.

We can immediately dispatch a technician to your residence with a backup power supply in case of this unexpected emergency.

Before calling, determine if this is a critical emergency in need of an immediate response or if it can wait until the next day. If you are unsure of the situation please call us and we will help you make that determination.

Need a Repair

For non-emergency service calls please fill out our contact form by clicking the link below.

*Same-day service charges may apply

Emergency Generator Rentals

Tennessee Home Power stocks several types of emergency portable generators available to rent for both long and short-term situations. All it takes is a quick call and we can have a technician dispatched to your residence as quickly as possible.

Our portable generators are great for:
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Medical devices
  • Essential lighting in the home
  • Portable heaters & fans